Mark Bowser


Monotony…Be Gone!

By Mark Bowser “The only thing we should fear and be on constant guard against is getting bogged down— getting into the ruts of monotony and timeworn repetitions which the business of entertainment cannot long stand.” Walt Disney So true of life too.  If we get bogged down in tradition for tradition’s sake, then growth

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The Ultimate Sales Secret

What is the secret to sales success?  When it is all said and done, at the heart of the sales champion is Brotherly Love! The nine fine-tuned athletes lined up at the starting line.  This is what they had trained for.  The race was the 100-yard dash.   As the gun was raised, tension filled the air. BANG!  The gun was fired.   The

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The Keeper of the Spring

I came across a story one time which I think illustrates beautifully how we need to take care of our prospects when selling.   The story goes something like this.  It is about a man who lived in a forest in the eastern Alps overlooking an Austrian village.  This old man had been hired years ago by a wise town council

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