Mark Bowser



…Mark met every one of our requests and specifications, and tailored and delivered a highly-effective and well-received seminar. Mark is the definition of a team player, is a kind and sincere individual, and is an ideal presenter.

Mark was consistently available and open to ideas on customizing our specific seminar. He often took the initiative to think ahead for ways to aid the company and make the training presented the most valuable for our employees. Mark’s work has been praised throughout our company and I always look forward to the next opportunity for working with him.

Cynthia Hauxwell
Corporate Training Project Leader
Makino Machine Tool Company

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for saving the day, and to tell you what a great success the seminar was on Friday….I seldom take the time to write letters such as this but felt it necessary after Friday. I was so impressed with the way you sculpted your program to my needs and in such a difficult circumstance. The one thing I would say to you first is thank you. But, not for the seminar, but for teaching even me something. If you recall, I had said that I would not be staying through the lecture. But, after listening to you for fifteen minutes, I had to step outside and cancel my other appointment. I have hired dozens of speakers, but never felt as though I had anything to gain by listening to them. I learned a great deal from you, and I thank you. Your ability to grab an audience was impressive, your grasp of your field, your stories, sayings and quotes, were amazing.

Christopher K. Cooley
Dental Product Specialist

We knew you had the skills needed to guide us in learning tips on leadership. Not every workshop leader is a good fit at an institution of higher education. Evaluations by those attending your workshop were consistently in the ‘Excellent’ range.

Julie Baker
Staff Development Specialist
Lane Community College

His positive thinking insights motivated our students to do a better job in their position on the Student Government at Southern West Virginia Community College. I believe Mark will become one of the top ten “Motivational Speakers” in our country over the next few years. I highly recommend Mark Bowser as a workshop speaker.

Ted Williams
Director of Student Activities
Southern West Virginia Community College

I wanted to personally thank you for being the speaker at our National Sales Meeting. You did an amazing job and our team seems to have taken your message to heart.

Hilmar O. Skagfield
Skandia Window Fashions

I must say I’ve attended many seminars and workshops and by far this was the best. Mark was inspiring, knowledgeable, funny, and just a wonderful speaker. He held our attention for two days and then we wanted to hear more.

Charlene Cooke
Rutgers University Health Service


Mark has a very effective teaching style for a diverse group of professionals.

This was the ‘best’ customer service class I’ve taken period. Mark did an excellent job. This class beats other customer service sessions I’ve attended. I really enjoyed this experience.

We enjoyed Mark Bowser. He made the class fun and interesting. I’m glad I was able to take this training.


It’s just the kind of book we like to have, with short, concise messages, that can be picked up and put down without losing continuity. The format makes for an excellent gift, too.

The Late Zig Ziglar
America’s #1 Motivator

Mark is an energetic presence in any form — on stage, in his writing, even in casual conversation. He has a real strength in motivation and positive thinking. I appreciate his philosophy of “empowered living.

Chuck Proudfit
President, SKILLSOURCE & At Work On Purpose

Mark Bowser has conducted two leadership communication seminars to our employees with rave reviews and immediate impact. Mark is a very talented speaker who is high energy and attention sustaining. He successfully kept our employees engaged for 2+ hours!

I highly recommend Mark.

Karen Benne
Executive Director, Human Resources at Interbrand

Mark is the consummate professional. He is an excellent speaker and accomplished author. He is organized, and can work through stressful periods with grace. I know I can always count on Mark to do the right thing and therefore recommend Mark Bowser without hesitation.

Mike McDaniel
Sr. Project Manager at CDW

Mark is a leadership and customer service expert, with an excellent grasp of what it takes to succeed. Mark’s strongest trait is his integrity, evidenced over the years we have done business together.

Bryan Heathman
President of Made for Success

Your book is one of the most refreshing, enjoyable reading experiences I’ve had in a long time. Your nuggets and stories are tremendous…

The Late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones
Founder of

I highly recommend Mark’s work and services. He’s a loyal and dedicated professional with a heart for his clients’ success. I know you will be impressed with his commitment to excellence and his over the top communication and people skills.”

Bruce Barbour
Owner, Literary Management Group, LLC

Over the past 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the training platform with a number of outstanding presenters. One, Mark Bowser, stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Mark’s ability to capture and hold an audience is without equal. It’s a treat to see his participants so obviously enjoy their learning experience. As an added bonus, I’ve grown professionally each time I’ve worked with Mark.

Roy Lantz
Speaker, Lead Trainer, Author

Mark is an enthusiastic, positive person. He is brimming with ideas of how to make a business work better and he is great at following through to get the job done. Mark must have a great attention for detail because he never misses a step with follow up and follow through when I work with him!

Jill Tibbels 
VP of Learning and Development, Ziglar

…A must read for everyone. This book shows the spiritual and business attributes of becoming a great success.

Peter Lowe
Founder & CEO, Get Motivated! Seminars
(Largest Business Seminars in the World)

Mark was absolutely terrific! All of our attendees had nothing but positive feedback about his presentation. He is engaging and keeps you entertained. Our audience loved what Mark had to say and noted how he kept their attention for the entire duration of his speech. Our attendees loved listening to him so much, they asked that we bring Mark back for future events.

Nick Bozich
Illinois Cemetery & Funeral Home Association 
14608 John Humphrey Dr. 
Orland Park, IL 60462