Mark Bowser

What Have You Put into Your Mind Today?

Successful selling is about the mental game. Make sure what goes into your mind is positive because what comes out is always what went in.

Most of us have probably heard the statement garbage in; garbage out.  Well, that is a realistic representation of how our brains work.  If we continually think depressing thoughts then we will begin to live a depressing life.  But on the other hand, if we continually think happy, positive thoughts then we will live a happy, positive life.  This is why it is vital that we pay attention to what we are putting into our brains.  It is vital that we fill our brains with the good stuff of life.  Begin reading good books.  Begin watching moral entertainment.  Begin focusing on what is positive, hopeful, and good.  If we will do these things, then we will live a fulfilling, empowering life and we will close more sales.