Mark Bowser

A Champion Uses the Good Thought Habit

Have you ever heard the computer term “garbage in; garbage out?” Well, it is true with habits too.  If we have bad habits then the result will be a disempowering life.  On the other hand, if we have good habits then we will live an empowering successful life.

One of the most vital habits we need to focus on is our thought habits.  Dr. Shad Helmstetter (the author of What To Say When You Talk To Your Self) said that by the time the average person reaches 18 years of age that they have heard the word “no” or things they can’t do 148,000 times.  Some of those were healthy for us, “Johnny don’t touch the stove or you will get burnt.”  However, many of them were not healthy for us.  In fact, many of them are self-imposed.  For example, we may say to ourselves, “I can’t do that, I don’t have what it takes,” or “I am too small, or “I don’t have enough education,” or even “I have too much education,” and the list goes on and on and on.

So, in essence, we have been programmed negatively.  Dr. Mike Murdock said, “What you hear the most you eventually will believe.”  If we tell ourselves that we are losers enough times then we will eventually believe it.  But, if we tell ourselves the truth enough times that we are champions designed for greatness then we will believe that too.  The choice is ours…GOOD THOUGHT HABITS OR BAD THOUGHT HABITS.

Dr. Helmstetter teaches people the concept of self-talk or positive affirmations.  Just as we may have been programmed negatively, we can take back that programming positively.  Dr. Helmstetter teaches that we can conquer all kinds of challenges through the consistency of positive self-talk.  For example, let’s say we are salespeople. However, we are salespeople who have a fear of cold calls.  Now, we have a challenge.  Not the least being having enough money to eat.  So, how do we solve this challenge?  Through positive self talk!  If we are afraid of cold calls it is because of what we have consistently told ourselves about cold calls.  We would need to change that by telling ourselves something like, “I love cold calls.  I know the more cold calls I make the more people I can serve with my product, service, etc….  I want to fill those peoples’ needs.  I am going to make another cold call.”  We would need to read this to ourselves over and over and over until we think and feel differently about cold calls.  REMEMBER, GOOD STUFF IN; GOOD STUFF OUT.

So, how can you use this in your life?  By conquering your challenges by writing your own self talk.  Make sure it is positive as if you are conquering or already conquered the challenge.  Positive quotations work great too.  Find your favorite quotes and read them often.  I use scripture everyday as positive self-talk.  I have my favorite scriptures I go through everyday which help me stay upbeat, positive, and headed in the right direction.

I have taken the liberty to create positive self talk for you.  I encourage you to read the following to yourself at least once a day for 30 days.  After that, at least twice per week.  It combines scripture and positive concepts.  Try reading this self-talk out loud once in awhile.  I think you will find it works even better.

I am an incredible person.  I was created in Gods image.  That means I have a great heritage. 

I am a positive thinker.  I look for the best in myself, all people, and in all situations.  Thus because of the law of attraction, I find the best in myself, all people, and in all situations. 

Happiness is a choice and I choose happiness and I find it too.  Success leaves clues and I have discovered the secret clues.  These success principles have lived the test of time.  They are laws that have developed my philosophy.

I believe in continuous improvement.  Everyday, I strive to be better than I was yesterday.   It does not take leaps and bounds to have great success.   All it takes is one step at a time.  Each step takes me closer to my dream.  I am improving!  I am a champion!

I believe in the Law of Averages and so I do not fear rejection.  I know that the more times that I hear no then the more yes I will hear right around the corner.  The Law of Averages is consistent and tends to repeat itself.   I use the Law of Averages and I win!

Just like the farmer who plants seeds in the spring expecting a harvest in the fall, I plant the seeds of success everyday and I expect a harvest too.   Every once in a while, the locusts and the storm steal our harvest, but more times than not, there is a harvestand a beautifully large harvest it is.  Much larger than the seeds I planted.   I believe in the seed and the harvest. 

I am a person of action.  I do not procrastinate.  I pray, I plan, I take action!  I take action now!  I take action now!  I take action now!