Mark Bowser

A Champion Has a ‘Yes’ Face

What does your face say to people?  That is kind of an odd question but none the less a very important one.   Does your face say, Glad to help.  Anytime.  Or does it say, Too busy today,  come back tomorrow.

 R. Lofton Hudson tells a very intriguing story about the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.  One day, President Jefferson and some associates were traveling on horseback.  They came across a river that had flooded over its banks.  The rain had come so hard and fast that the river had flooded and the bridge was washed away.  With no bridge, how were they to get across.  Well, the decision was made that they must cross the river bridge or no bridge.

Rider after rider plunged into the river.  The dangerously fast current put each rider and horse six inches from deaths door.   About this time, a stranger was traveling down the road.  The ruckus in the river grabbed the mans attention.  What would happen?   Would these people die?  The man stood transfixed watching the crisis unfold. Finally, the man came up to the president and asked if could ride with him across the river.  The President said yes without hesitation.   After the man slid off the presidents horse safely on the other side of the river, one of the presidents companions asked the man, Tell me, why did you select the president to ask this favor of? The man looked at him dumbfounded.  He explained that he had no idea that was the president.  All he knew was that many of them had the answer No written on their faces and many had the answer Yes written on their faces.  His was a Yes face.

Again I ask you (and myself); what does your face say to people? Do you have a Yes face or a No face?  The champion wears the face of compassion. The same type of face as President Jefferson.  The face of YES!