Mark Bowser

You Can’t Succeed Alone Because That is Not Success

Let us suppose for just a moment that you could get to the mountaintop of success all by yourself.  You have worked very hard and finally you have made it.  You have reached the peak.  Your success is secure.  You have won the trophy.  Something is not right though.  It is too quiet.  Where is all the clapping?  Where are all the cheers?  You look around and discover that you are all alone. Where is everybody?  Then you remember you succeeded by yourself.  All of a sudden your joy turns to sorrow.   Your head falls, your shoulders slump.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  This was supposed to be the best day of your life.  As a tear rolls down your face, you throw the trophy off the mountaintop.  You watch it descend to the valley.  When it impacts it breaks into a thousand pieces just like your spirit.

My friend, what fun would success be without people to share it with?  We need people and they need us.  The great wonderful fact is that we can’t reach the mountaintop of success all by ourselves. Only with people will we be truly successful.  We help them succeed and they help us.  It is a team effort.  It was Jim Rohn who said, You cannot succeed by yourself.  Its hard to find a rich hermit.

We don’t want to be rich hermits.  We want to be build rich teams. Rich in relationships, rich in money, rich in skills, and rich in faith. When you have accomplished that, that is when you know you are a success.