Mark Bowser

The Three Facts of Leadership

There are Three Facts of Leadership.  If we understand these facts then our influence has the opportunity to grow.  And when our influence grows so does our effectiveness as leaders.


1.     One person can make a difference

2.     Start leading today

3.     The office doesnt make the person

Fact Number One:  One Person Can Make a Difference

This is probably not a new saying to you, but what pictures came to your mind when you read that statement?  If you are like many people, it was pictures of Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Jr, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and many others.  However, do you see someone missing from that list?  I do.  That someone is YOU!

Mother Theresa didnt go out to become a saint, she went out to save one dieing person.  She was walking down the street and saw a person dieing in a gutter.   She said to herself, That is not right. Everyone should die with dignity.   And the rest they say is history. Great leaders, great physicians, sales champions, and consultants figure out how their influence can touch a life and by doing that their influence may touch hundreds, thousands, and maybe even millions of lives.

So, the question is where can your leadership grow to make a bigger difference then you are today?  You are probably making a difference, but how can your leadership grow?  You make a difference and people need you!

Fact Number Two:  Start Leading Today

Many times, young leaders for example will say, Im not ready to lead.  I will wait till I read that leadership book, or go to that seminar, or learn that skill, etc.   Now, those are all important things and I encourage them but the truth of the matter is that your organization and your team cant wait.  You need to start leading todayand learn as you lead.   None of us will ever know all there is to leadership.  It is a continual growing process.  We cant wait till we know all there is to leadership or we will do absolutely nothing.  We must become influential today and grow throughout our leadership journey.

 Fact Number Three:  The Office doesnt make the Person

Leadership is not about the corner office.  Have you ever worked for someone who thought it was?  They were more concerned with their promotion, their prestige, and there accolades.  In the process, they lost their team (and many times their customers) as a result.

Now, please dont misunderstand me, I have no problem with comfortable offices and a comfortable work environment.  In fact, I am actually for it.  But we must not put the cart before the horse.

Today, my familys company, the Bright Corp. has a comfortable work environment and the executives have nice offices.  But it wasnt always that way.  My dad and my uncle made sure the horse came before the cart and now the company has the resources to support that type of environment.  They were more concerned with helping their team succeed and serving their customers then they were about having a cushy sofa and a picture window in their office.  As a result of this wise decision, they dont have a revolving door for their team or worst yet for their customers.  Their team has tremendous loyalty.  They have team members that have worked for the Bright Corp. for over twenty years.  They have customers that also go that far back.  How rare is that?    Very!!!  Focus on your team and focus on your customers and the rest will take care of itself.