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Selling Is a Daily Routine

Successful selling is about daily habits. The kind of life we will live is determined by the kind of day we choose to live. Dr. Mike Murdock said, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” Because of this it is vital that we consciously choose good selling habits.

What are your selling habits? Are they leading you to more sales…?

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How To Sell More – The Law of Averages

By Mark Bowser

If you put your sales message in front of one person, you will reap a small harvest. If you put your sales message in front of 10,000 people, you will reap a larger harvest.

Understanding and using the Law of Averages leads to more sales and customers for your business. How? When you take an action enough times, a ratio of statistics will begin to introduce itself.

Let me explain. I grew up in Indiana where basketball is king. In fact, my hometown of Anderson has the second largest high school basketball gym in the nation. The “Wigwam” holds just under 9,000 people. The largest high school gym is just 30 minutes down the road in New Castle where their field house seats around 9,300 people. We take our basketball seriously. We also use the Law of Averages. It is called free throw percentage. Games are won and lost at the free throw line.

Games are won and lost in the business world too. Not at the free throw line, but in how we use the Law of Averages. Let’s say that you talk to one hundred people about your business. Two out of those one hundred become new customers of yours. Now you have a ratio. Two out of every one hundred people that you talk with will become a customer. That is exciting! Why? Because the Law of Averages tends to repeat itself. It is consistent. There is a great chance that if you talk with another 100 hundred people, you will gain two more new customers.

I know what you are thinking, “Mark, how can you be so excited? It is only two percent.” Yes, it is only two percent, but it is a place to start. In time, it might be four percent, and then eight percent, and so on. How do you change the Law of Averages? By getting better. By growing. By learning Influence, Leadership, and Sales skills. Also, we have to remember, that those original two percent are going to talk about us. So, if we create them into loyal customers then that word of mouth is going to bring in even more new customers.

There is also a lot of other ways to sell and market. What if you reached your prospects by sending out direct mail pieces and post cards, voice broadcasts, billboards, etc…? How we use the Law of Averages can be endless. It also helps us know how to use our marketing/ sales dollars best. Let’s say that we send out two different post cards to one thousand people each time. By using the Law of Averages, we can see which post card works best. A change in the wording or a change of look can make a big difference to the response rate. The Law of Averages is great! Begin to use it for your advantage and you will be amazed how much more successful your business will become.

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Selling To Your Strengths

By Mark Bowser

“Play your game,” said Coach Galen Scott. The pointed advice was given to a very weary, frustrated college tennis player. If you haven’t guessed, that frustrated athlete was me. I was losing matches, my mind was clogged, and I didn’t know what to do. That is when Galen stepped in an instructed me to play to my strengths.

Galen Scott was not my college tennis coach. Galen was my personal coach. He had been training me for years and had shaped me into the champion that I had become…despite the recent challenges on the court.

However, here was the dilemma. My college coach was telling me to play a style that I wasn’t used to, comfortable with, or trained to perform at a high level. In other words, my college coach was telling me to play towards my weaknesses instead of my strengths.

Why would a coach do such a thing? Why would anyone instruct someone to play towards their weaknesses? Could it be that he was wanting me to develop them into strengths? Or, is it more likely that he personally was more comfortable with that style?

Tennis in many respects is an individual sport. Players are more suited to play certain styles. I was gifted with quick feet, solid power, and a soft touch with the racket. Thus, Galen shaped me with a style best suited for me which was a classic serve and volley game. I would hit a big serve and follow it to the net to conquer the point and the match with my volley. It worked well. I was relentless. The stress on my opponents was oppressive. I never gave them time to rest. I was coming to the net whether they liked it or not and they were forced into a situation where they had to hit excellent shots…or lose.

“Play your game” was ringing in my ears. Do I listen to Galen and have a great opportunity to win or do I listen to my college coach and most likely lose. Not a fun decision for an eighteen year old athlete to have to make. Well, I decided to go with my strengths and I began to win matches. As long as I won, my college coach was happy.

The world of selling is the same as the world of tennis. You have to play to your strengths. Some time ago, I had the opportunity to interview successful sales leader Mark Marshall.

At the time I interviewed Mark Marshall, he was the Sales Director at PQ Systems, Inc in Dayton, Ohio. PQ Systems provides quality software solutions for companies who want to improve their systems and document their quality performance.

After talking and learning from Mark, I believe there are three vital elements that every sales professional has to keep in mind to play to their strengths.

One, it takes time to develop your strength. Mark Marshall believes it takes about a year for a new sales professional to get things going. In many cases, that is true for the brand new sales representative just entering the profession of selling or the veteran joining a different company’s team.

Mark Marshall puts his sales representatives through a rigorous six to twelve month boot camp style training program before they are turned loose to call on customers by themselves. He believes that the roll playing and structured approach is vital for all people who want to succeed in sales and he is getting results that are proving that thought to be true.

Two, trust is the key. When Mark took over as Sales Director at PQ Systems, they were as he put it a very “transactual” team. Their approach was mechanics of selling instead of relational selling. Mark soon changed that. Today, the PQ Systems sales team focuses on building trust and rapport. They are less about product and more about solutions that serve the customer. Mark says, “We are the experts and we help them.” Don’t miss those words “we help them.” When sales professionals focus on serving the customer then closing the sale and commissions have a tendency to take care of themselves.

Three, always seek improvement. The top sales professionals from all industries never believe that they have arrived. There is never a place where we have learned enough. With this belief comes an endless reservoir of energy, growth, and an unlimited potential of sales.

Mark Marshall believes that one of the best ways to seek this constant improvement is to stay in touch with past colleagues. Mark talks with them and gets their thoughts on contemporary challenges. He has discovered these colleagues to be a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and experience. Mark then takes their wisdom and applies it with his team with great success.

So, let me ask you, are you selling to your strengths or are you floundering in someone else’s style? You will only be your best when you play your game. That is where the gold is found.

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Sell Your Way To Success: Tap Into Your Greatness

“If you choose to tap into your greatness, then you will live an extraordinary life. We may not all be famous. We may not all be financially rich. But we all have greatness to make a difference in this world. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, ‘If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.’”

*Excerpted from “Sell Your Way to Success” by Mark Bowser. Get Your Copy Now from Amazon!

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Sales Success: Learn From the Best!

As Digger and Jack walked back through the double doors into the lobby area, Jack hesitated, but forced the question out of his lips, “Digger what did you mean when you told Mr. Ziglar that you wanted me to learn from him to start my training? What training?”

“You are having trouble with your sales, right? Like I said yesterday, I was sent to you.”

*Excerpted from “Sales Success” by Mark Bowser with Zig Ziglar

Sales Success Program

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Sales Success – We All Sell!

We are all salespeople. We sell our kids to not get on drugs. We sell our co-workers on where to go eat lunch. We sell our spouses on the movie to see this Friday night. We sell products and services if your job title is sales representative. We sell by the brand clothes we wear. And, we sell ourselves. It is all about influence. Learn how to master the art of influence with “Sales Success.” Written by Mark Bowser with Scott McKain, Tom Hopkins, and the late Zig Ziglar. 
Get your copy today at a bookstore near you or simply go the book’s page at Amazon

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Everything is Selling!

“In these extraordinary days we realize fully that the public is shopping more than ever for its box office fare. There is no compromise for ‘selling’ your attractions. I am confident that the future will enable us to fill this bill.”  Walt Disney

Everything is selling.  Every morning when we arise, we put on the shoes of a salesperson. It doesn’t matter whether you are a mechanic, a household executive, a student, a nurse, a teacher, a coach, an engineer, a parent, a preacher, or even a funeral director – your job is to sell.

So, what does that actually mean “everything is selling?”  Success is about influence.  Walt Disney understood this more than anyone.  Walt Disney became a tremendous salesman.  Even to this day, his influence still lives strong.  Some might even say that Walt’s influence is more alive today than when he was living.  That is a tribute to how well he understood this concept that everything is selling.

Think with me for a moment.  How did you get your first date?  How did you get your first job?  You had to sell someone, didn’t you? You had to sell them on you.  You see, the first thing we sell is our self.  The second thing we sell is our idea.

An important point to ponder as you pursue your life in the world of selling is that selling isn’t something you do to someone.  As Zig Ziglar pointed out, selling is something you do for someone because you know that your product, service, or idea is in their best interest.  That they are much better off acquiring what you have to offer than they are not acquiring it.

…Something to think about today.  Now, go out there and sell something!

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Mark Twain & Selling Success

by Mark Bowser

I came across an interesting quote the other day from Mark Twain. At first, it seemed just humorous. As I began to ponder it though, I realized it was filled with depths of perspective for the world of selling. Mr. Twain said, “I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn’t know.”

Now, what does this mean for us and our sales success? I heard one time that “I don’t know” is the first sign of wisdom. Why is this true? Well, because it starts a searching process. When you don’t know the answer then you have to seek the answer. By so doing, you find the truth, the reality. Former business leader at GE Jack Welch was famous for walking into meetings and asking “What is the reality here?” Sales professionals have to ask the same type of questions. What is the reality with this prospect? What is the reality of my performance? What is the reality of the competition?

I believe that far too often sales professionals, business leaders, and politicians are afraid to say “I don’t know.” What are you afraid of? That you will lose the business? That you will be seen as vulnerable, weak, ignorant, or even worse? But remember, “I don’t know” is the first sign of wisdom. Wisdom on how to solve the prospect’s challenge. And that is the whole point of selling.

The only problem with saying “I don’t know” is if you leave it there. Don’t leave the person in no man’s land. Instead say, “I don’t know, but I will find out and let you know.” This is the mark of the true sales professional. This is the mark of the champion.

That is really what they are looking for. That is the solution they seek. When you do that, you not only solve their challenge, but their respect for you also goes up too. You see, you don’t have to be perfect in order to get the sale. In fact, perfection here on Earth isn’t reality. Prepare the best you can. Present your product or service the best that you can. Answer their questions the best that you can. And, learn from the process.

So, the next time a prospect or customer asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to, then do what Mark Twain did and tell them so.

So what is next?  

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Spring Training for Sales Professionals

By Mark Bowser

“It is the bottom of the ninth, two outs, men on first and third and Joey Votto at the plate,” expressed the baseball announcer.  “It has been a good Spring Training for the Cincinnati Reds here in Arizona.  A win here today will be the icing on the cake. Reds are down by one and need a hit.”

“Votto swings and connects. It is a long fly ball to right center. The fielder is going back, it might be…it hits the top of the wall. One run is in.  Votto is on his way to second, Phillips is passing third and they are sending him home.  Here’s the throw…it is not in time…and this one belongs to the Reds.”

Every spring, major league baseball clubs meet in balmy climates to fine tune their skills for the upcoming season. Rookies and Veterans alike converge for this annual pilgrimage.

Ponder this thought. If spring training is beneficial for professional baseball players, how about the professional in the world of selling? It is not too late to start your spring training.

I had the honor of talking with veteran sales leader Dave Carlin. Dave  has been leading new sales professionals since 1983.  Dave holds the position of Vice President with Prograde.   Prograde is a print, marketing, and fulfillment company for promotional products and apparel headquartered in Cincinnati.

Dave puts his new representatives through several months of Prograde’s version of spring training.  The new sales rep will spend time in various parts of the company before they will call on their first prospect. They will spend time in the warehouse learning how to smoothly and efficiently process an order for shipment. They will go from department to department learning why and how the company is successful day in and day out.  The new sales rep will even spend time in e-commerce. Is this over kill? Is this really necessary?  Many companies shove their sales people out the door with their sample kit and a list of customers to call on their first day.  It is as if they are going to pick up sales success by stumbling all over customers through some warped type of osmosis.

Well, let me tell you this fact and then you can decide for yourself whether Dave’s approach is the best philosophy.  Let’s talk about when the economy totally stunk. Their team sales went up 19% in 2012.  Remember…that success was in a bad economy.   They succeeded despite the economy, not because of it.  World Series, here comes Prograde.

We know what is working for Dave and Prograde. Now, let’s talk about you. Do you have a plan to increase your sales in 2015 so that you succeed despite any economy?  How much time are you and your sales team spending in spring training?  Plan your spring training, work your plan, and expect to win…and I will see you in the World Series.

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