Mark Bowser

Relationships – Have You Made a Difference Today?

Have you made a difference for someone lately?  Theresa Peterson tells a wonderful story of how relationships do make a difference. Abbie Knight was a very lonely depressed ninth grader.  She missed her old eighth grade days.  The high school was so big and intimidating.  All Abbie wanted was a real friend.  Not the ones who act like they are your friends so they can cheat off of you.  She was tired of being used.  The problem was Abbie had trouble making friends.  She was very shy and didn’t know what to do.

Abbie’s parents were very concerned about their little girl. Something that just added to the flame of Abbie’s depression was that her parents were divorced.  Her parents tried everything they could think of to help Abbie.  They bought her the current fads to help her fit in but nothing seemed to help.  Abbie just seemed to keep drifting farther and farther away from them and the world.

Abbie began thinking of suicide.  She was so lonely.  She felt that it didn’t matter if she lived or died.  Who would care?  Who would notice?  These types of questions plagued her mind.

That next year, Abbie joined a Christian youth group at a local church in hopes of making friends.  On the surface, the group adopted Abbie with open arms but under the skin they really weren’t interested in outsiders becoming part of their group.  So much for love.

Abbie decided that she would do it; she was going to end her life. Her parents were going to be at a party on Christmas Eve.  She would be alone.  That was going to be the night she would end it all.

Abbie had it all planned.  She left the house.  In her mind, she had the image of a bridge.  The bridge she would jump off of that night. Before walking to the bridge, Abbie stopped by the mailbox.  She thought it would be proper to leave a note for her parents.  When she opened the mailbox, she saw a bunch of Christmas mail.   She began to thumb through them.  There was some from neighbors, one from her Grandparents…but then…something got her attention. There was one addressed to…her.

Abbie ripped open the letter as fast as she could.  It was from Wesley Hill from the youth group at church.  Wesley apologized for not talking to her sooner.  He explained that his parents were in the process of a divorce.  He said he hoped she would be able to answer some of his questions.  This next part really got Abbie’s attention.  Wesley wrote, “I think we could become friends and help each other.  See you at Youth Group on Sunday!”  Friends.  Somebody wanted to be her friend.  Abbie ran into the house and immediately called her new friend.

The Ancient Writer said, “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” Relationships do make a difference in our lives.  Love is the key. Love is the motivation.  Love is the answer.