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Calling All Sales Professionals: A Personal Letter from Top Sales Trainer & Author Mark Bowser on How You Can Double Your Sales in the Next 4-6 Months

Dear Sales Champion,

“You Can Double Your Sales With The Knowledge Discovered In This Book… And Do It Quickly!”

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With Sales Success, You Will Learn From an All-Star Cast of Sales Professionals Including Mark Bowser, Zig Ziglar, Scott McKain, and Tom Hopkins.  

To Be the Best, Learn From The Best! 

  • Sales Success is not like one of those boring text books on selling.  
  • Sales Success will grab and hold your attention through an inspiring story written by the master storyteller Mark Bowser.
  • We learn best through stories…and we remember the lessons taught through stories.  
  • Here is an excerpt from the story in Sales Success:

“How can you be so incompetent? One sale! One sale! How can you only make one sale in a month? That is ridiculous. It was a measly sale at that!” bellowed an extremely angry and frustrated sales manager. “Jack, if I don’t see improvement soon, you are out of here.”

“Not again,” thought a very depressed, dejected Jack Blake. This was his third sales job in a year and he was failing again. “What is wrong with me?” 

As Jack left his manager’s office, he felt lost. He had no clue on how to improve. He had no clue on where to even start. “It wouldn’t make any difference anyway,” thought Jack. 

Have you ever felt like Jack Blake?  I know I have.  You are trying as hard as you can, but you just can’t seem to shake the shackles that are holding your sales career down. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, was it?  

You entered the world of selling with excitement and joy.  The world was your oyster, and you were ready to grab it with both hands… but, somehow your hands kept slipping off the oyster. 

But, is there a way you can live what the headline of this letter suggests? How would your life change if you doubled or tripled your sales?  But, can you actually double your sales by reading a book?  No, not if you just read the book.  But, if you take action on what you read…then YES you could double, maybe even triple your sales.  

Regularly 17.99. Your Exclusive Price only $14.97

*Included with your order of Sales Success FREE bonus book titled Power Nuggets by Mark Bowser

As a sales trainer who works with sales professionals all over the country, one theme seems to run prevalent in the minds of all sales pros that I encounter and that is “What do I have to know in order to shorten my sales cycle and close more sales?”

Before I give you the answer, you must realize that you need a mentor in order to succeed in any endeavor, including the answer to that question.  Someone who has walked the path that you are now walking.  Or, at least a path that is similar. Michael Jordan had coaches, Taylor Swift had a music teacher, and real sales pros learn from the best.  Let’s visit again Jack Blake and see who his teachers were:

He needed some air…Jack knew where he needed to go to clear his mind. Jack’s parents had given him a Christmas gift of a season pass to the Cincinnati Zoo. Jack loved the zoo…

Jack only lived about 2 miles from the zoo. In fact, Jack has lived in the Cincy area all his life. He grew up in the beautiful Cincinnati suburb of Loveland, OH. As Jack entered the zoo entrance gates, he could already feel a bit of the stress leave his body. He walked passed the entrance and headed to his favorite spot, the Gorilla exhibit. He loved the Gorillas. They are so majestic with such strength but also such poise as they climb up the trees and other elements in their zoo home. Everything Jack wasn’t and wanted to be. 

Jack walked into the exhibit and immediately his eyes caught the big guy, one of the main attractions to the zoo itself. Sam, the large male gorilla was huge. He was snorting and pacing for the crowd. As he did, his blackish, gray fur bristled. He was larger than most male silverbacks and he ruled his kingdom without question. Such confidence. “Boy,” thought Jack. “If I had just a tiny piece of Sam’s confidence, I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

Jack moved to the series of benches directly in the middle of the exhibit and took a seat. It felt good to sit down. He hadn’t realized how exhausted he was. For a moment, Jack closed his eyes and let the thoughts and stress ease from his weary presence. 

Jack was knocked out of his inner reverie by a voice. The voice said, “Is this seat taken?” Jack looked up and said “What?” An older gentleman was looking down at Jack. The man must have been in his seventies, maybe even eighties. He had stark white hair with just a touch of black in the back. His skin was wrinkly with the miles of successful living behind him. He was wearing a pair of business casual style Khaki pants, a solid baby blue golf shirt with just a hint of a stripe, and stark white (looked like he just took them out of the box) tennis shoes. But his eyes, there was something about his blue eyes. They sparkled with an energy and aliveness that Jack had never seen before. The old man said again, “Is this seat taken?” 

Jack shook off the cobwebs in his mind and remembered his manners. Jack gestured to the open seat next to him on the bench and said, “Ah, no. Please.” Before Jack could get the words out, the old man sat down right next to him. 

Now, Jack felt uncomfortable. He felt like this man could see through the façade he showed the world and peer directly to the depths of his starved, despaired soul. He felt as though the old man was staring at him. Jack just stared straight ahead and watched Sam down a banana in one big gulp. “Should I turn my head? Should I glance his way?” thought Jack. “I don’t know. This is uncomfortable. What is with this guy?”Finally, Jack took a slight glance toward the old man. The old man immediately said, “Powerful, isn’t he? Such strength.” 

“What?” asked Jack. 

“Sam, the gorilla. He has such powerful strength. If we all had such confidence, success would be inevitable.”

Now, Jack was beginning to freak out. He had had those exact thoughts a few minutes ago. “Is this guy in my head? Who is this guy?” Jack’s thoughts were going a mile a minute trying to connect this seemingly impossible puzzle of an old (or should he say odd?) man. 

The old man held out his hand, “The names Digger; Digger Jones.” Jack reached out in instinct and grabbed the old man’s hand. He was shocked at the strength of the old man’s hand shake. It was firm, but not too firm. It was confident, but not arrogant. But those blue eyes were what really caught Jack’s attention. He couldn’t stop focusing on them. They were like a breath of sweet energy that burrowed their way into his soul. On arrival, a warm calm would envelope you down deep and soon encompass you with peace. Again, Jack thought, “Who is this guy?”

“So, what brings you to Sam’s house today?” asked Digger. 

“Oh, no reason.”

“You don’t seem like a man who came for no reason.”

Jack sighed and reluctantly said, “Oh, I am having some trouble at work.” Why was he opening up to this man? Who is this guy? 

“Not enough sales, huh? 

“How did, hhhow did you know? How did you even know that I am in sales?” stammered a now very freaked out Jack. 

“That is why I am here.” 

“What do you mean that is why you are here?”

Digger looked at Jack with those piercing eyes and said in a calm, firm voice, “Jack, I have been sent to you. I can help you solve your challenge.”

Who sent him? My boss? Mrs. Norris? Jack’s inner thoughts were bombarding him with more questions…but no answers. No, his boss didn’t really care and Mrs. Norris didn’t know he was at the zoo. And besides, how would she ever know a guy like this? 

“Who sent you?” Jack finally asked Digger. 

A small smile formed on the corners of Diggers mouth. “Don’t worry about that. Just know that I am here to help…and I can help you Jack. Tell you what, meet me tomorrow morning at 7:45 AM at this address.” Digger handed Jack a shredded, wrinkled up scrap of paper with an address scrolled on it. “The Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event. There is someone I want you to meet. Just be there at 7:45 and a ticket will be waiting for you. I will see you tomorrow.” With that, the old man got up, smiled, and made his way out of the Gorilla exhibit. 

Weird huh?  A mysterious mentor showed up to help a struggling salesperson.  Well, your mentor probably won’t show up to you like my character Jack in Sales Success but, my friend, you do need a mentor. Let me be that mentor for you to success in your selling career. 

So, what is the answer to the question on how you can shorten your sales cycle and close more sales? Well, that is the question that sales managers, sales trainers, and sales reps have been trying to answer for decades. And, at the risk of sounding cliché – I’ve found it! And, to tell you the truth you already know the answer too. The answer is in knowledge which is found in books. 

Now, before you go and throw this letter out saying, “That guy has a gift for the obvious.Of course the answer to shortening my sales cycle and closing more sales is in books.”

Listen!  Just hear me out for a moment – then you can throw this letter out if what I say doesn’t make sense.

We all know the answer is in books. A plethora of books have been written for decades. The challenge is time. We are told to read one sales book a week and it will change our selling lives forever. Or, maybe our sales leader is a little more conservative and he/she says that it only takes reading one sales book a month. That is still twelve books in a year.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I agree with your sales leaders that we should read as many books on selling as possible. It is important! But, then there comes that time thing again. In this day and age we are all so busy. We have our work schedule of course, but then we also have our personal schedule. We have our children’s functions to go to, tickets to the movies, and for many of us basketball fans like me – there is always a game to watch. Of course, Indiana University games are the only ones that matter. Ha. Ha.

Your Challenge is Time.  You Don’t Have Time To Read All Those Books To Gain The Information You Need to Double Your Sales. So, What Do You Do?

But, what if you only needed to have one book on selling and that book could give you the secrets to doubling your sales?  Does that book exist?

Yes!  That Book Does Exist.  It is


The Only Book You Need In Order to Double Your Sales

This is the one sales book you must have — that is if you want to double your sales.

“So, What Comes In the Book That Will Give You the Secrets to Double Your Sales?”

Just Take A Look at These Chapters…written by the Selling Hall of Fame…All wrapped in an inspiring story

  • Selling – The Proud Profession by Zig Ziglar
  • Highlights of the Perfect Sales Process by Tom Hopkins
  • Distinctive Selling by Scott McKain 
  • Creating Value First by Mark Bowser
  • Becoming More Persuasive by Dr. Tony Alessandra
  • Instant Rapport Building by Dr. Larry Iverson
  • Disciplined Selling Makes Sales Champions by Mark Bowser
  • The 7 Personality Challenges by Dawn Jones
  • The Psychology of Conversion: What Makes Consumers Buy Online by Bryan Heathman
  • How to Own the Closing Zone by Dr. Allan Colman

That is What You Need To Know & Do In Order To Close More Sales

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Here is What People Are Saying about Sales Success

Great Read! First of all, you can’t argue with “A-list” contributing to this book. It reads well, is laid out nicely, and is easy to pick back up on during my hectic schedule interruptions.

As a dentist, I am not a “salesperson” and I do not force or try to talk patients into treatment. However, creating trust and value for a product or service correlates to ANY profession. Learning how to create that value, present the issue/items, and communicate is key….This book helped me see views from a patient (i.e. non-dentist) perspective and the coaching from this rock-star team of contributors is spot-on.

I highly recommend this book by Mark Bowser. Thanks for a great read!

Dr. Scott Bach

Mark Bowser’s “Sales Success: Motivation From Today’s Top Sales Coaches” was a fun, interesting and informative read. It covers the basics of the selling process, or more accurately, what it takes to succeed in sales, very well. Because I’m a sales professional I read one to two sales books a month. They range from very boring, dry and hard to read to those few that engage, inform and educate. Sales Success leans heavily to the latter, intertwining snippets from various sales trainers, some well known like Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins and Tony Alessandra, some not so well known (at least by me) within a simple narrative that serves to move the story along and tie everything together.
If you are new to sales this could serve as your only resource and you would do well executing what it teaches…positive mindset, a proper and well thought out sales process, understanding the customer, establishing rapport, learning to close and keeping the long-term in mind.
I continue to believe that the basics of the selling process are simple and it’s how disciplined, focused and determined the sales person is in executing the sales process that makes the difference. If you want the keys to sales success they are right here in this book. The rest is up to you.

Steven Chambers

I have been in sales for 20 years so as you can imagine I have read a lot of sales books. This book was by far my favorite! I normally approach a sales book as required reading but I found myself looking forward to each chapter!
Mr. Bowser expertly weaves great sales tips and best practices into a fictional story about a salesperson who, in the beginning of the book is down on his luck and struggling with his sales. As the story progresses the main character learns a better way to be successful.

I would recommend this book to all sales professionals and to non-sales people who enjoy a great story!


Mark Bowser offers a creative story to tie together wisdom from some powerful minds. The knowledge and inspiration in this book will be a boost to your day.

Jody Maberry, Host of The Jody Maberry Show and Creating Disney Magic with Lee Cockerell

Eight world-class sales trainers, ten short chapters, dozens of practical selling ideas, and one compelling story about a guy named Jack that could be you, me, or anyone else trying to make a living in sales. The opening chapter by Zig Ziglar is worth the price of the whole book by itself. It will make you proud to work in the sales profession along with some of history’s most noteworthy salespeople who convinced other people to do what was in their own best interest, even if they didn’t know it at the time — people like Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter Raleigh, George Washington, and Lewis and Clark. And if that didn’t make sense to you, you need to read this book.

Paul Smith, Business Author

If you’re a season veteran or new to sales, this book will enhance your skills and improve your attitude. I found it to be motivational while at the same time offering detailed sales strategies and tactics. It includes some new selling tips as well as reminding me of basics that sometimes are overlooked. A quote from Chapter One sets the tone for the book, emphasizing the need for sales people to insure that “the customer is the big winner in the transaction.” Other topics that impressed me were sections on value-added selling, disciplined selling and rapport building. It also discusses how to successfully meet competitive and technology challenges that sales people face on a daily basis. The book is easy to read and uses real-life sales examples. This is a book to keep on the bookshelf for future reference.

Max Cates

Just finished this great book! It provided both practice action steps I can take to move my sales career forward (real estate in the Allentown PA region) but also inspired me to keep on learning! I can’t wait to pick up [Mark’s] next book, he and the rest of the authors write in such a way as to draw you into the story and encourage your own stories! Thanks Mark! Here’s to Jack, Digger and more sales success!

Justin Brown

Mark Bowser is a practicing sales expert who comes to the topic with solid experience and practical advice. Sales Success is easy to read and comprehend especially since it is presented in a story format. Never forget the basics in sales—they are the foundation of what will keep you in the game.


Mark teaches the power of “creating value first” and daily for other people. He also provides specific examples of how successful business owners practice this simple philosophy every day, leading to greater sales, success, and personal fulfillment. Buy this book and share it with your team… today!


“Great book, Great material to utilize in your profession, I had the honor of attending one of Mark’s classes in Chicago and to see the passion and soak in the experience that will stay with me for a lifetime, I highly recommend this book.”


Along with your copy of Sales Success, you will also receive as a FREE bonus Mark Bowser’s inspiring book Power Nuggets: 101 Reflections for Empowered Living

What would your income be if you doubled your sales? What would your income be if you doubled your sales?

That is only $0.50 a day for a month.  Most people spend over five times that on their daily cup of coffee — and that cup of joe won’t help you double your sales.

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