How to Double & Triple Your Sales in Twelve Months: Secrets the Top Sales Pros Use to Be the Best in Their Industries​

Dear Sales Leader,

Welcome to Thanks for visiting today. I consult with sales leaders, like you, and their teams to help them increase their selling success. It is often one or two items that block a sales professional from reaching their full potential. I help them identify these constraints and remove them.

When we take away those blocks, their sales go up. It is like the last number to a combination lock that opens the vault. When the vault is open, they may see their sales double or even triple within twelve months.

I have been a Professional Business Speaker since 1993. Over the years, I have provided training seminars to companies on many topics, including Sales Success, leadership, how to give an excellent presentation, effective customer service, time management mastery, and more. I have had great success helping organizations be more effective with these points, but one topic has been my first love — Selling!

I had my first sales success as a little boy; I sold cards door to door to win a baseball glove and an archery set. I still have that glove and bow to this day.

Over time, I have gathered the secrets top salespeople used to rise to the top of their industries. I’ve incorporated those secrets into my own sales approaches and ultimately into my training seminars to help others succeed.

One such secret that I learned has become the #1 business skill I have ever developed. The sad thing is that it isn’t in most selling seminars, but it is in mine. I teach it. Without a doubt, the skill of sales copywriting is the most critical business skill that I have. We all write emails, letters, text messages, and posts on social media, but very few sales professionals know what words to use and how to phrase them to influence the prospect to act. That is just one of the skills your team will learn in my training class.

I am honored to have provided training seminars and consultation for some great organizations, including: